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“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”

Through the words of some of history’s wisest characters we find insight into our own world.Connecting to the past helps us see how, in so many ways, the human condition remains the same. It is the foundation upon which we can face the modern world and move forward.If Albert Einstein were alive today, he would have so much to blog about. Fortunately for us, he already has.

Tom Schueneman is a writer and web publisher based in San Francisco, California. Tom publishes two other “history blogs”: and Both blogs are a look at the words of historic figures, with a view to their relation to our modern world and serve as the basis for the HistoryBlogProject.

One thought on “The History Blog Project

  1. In his lifetime, Albert Einstein received thousands of letters from fans asking him questions about his work, his life, and his thoughts on just about everything.

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