On Gratitude vs. Entitlement

“For the most part we humans live with the false impression of security and a feeling of being at home in a seemingly trustworthy physical and human environment. But when the expected course of everyday life is interrupted, we are like shipwrecked people on a miserable plank in the open sea, having forgotten where they came from and not knowing whither they are drifting. But once we fully accept this, life becomes easier and there is no longer any disappointment.”
-Albert Einstein, letter, 26 April, 1945

Every day that affords the opportunity to sit in quiet reflection at the end of the day, with a sense of relative safety and, if we are especially fortunate, love, is another day of truly beating the odds; on a scale nearly as enormous as the universe in which the mote of dust, which we call the earth, spins and swings around its lonely star.

Life is easier when approached from gratitude and not entitlement.


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